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Who is Your Realty Group?

Mike Dreger and Dave Greenwood are the co-founders of Your Realty Group.

Mike and Dave have built highly successful careers out of identifying the big picture and setting goals. Your Realty Group is here to help you reach your objectives when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Let us be your guide through the fast-paced world of real estate investing—we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Mike Dreger

Kaitlyn Gottlieb

Dave Greenwood

What is Your Realty Group?

Calgary and the surrounding area is constantly evolving and shifting in terms of where people live, how they live, their property values, etc. To help you navigate this ever-changing market, we have formed a real estate consortium called Your Realty Group.

We are a team of realtors dedicated to giving you what you need to succeed in this marketplace.

Why the name Your Realty Group?

We focus our attention on YOU!

Your Realty Group never loses sight of the fact that it’s YOUR home you are selling or buying. As instrumental as we are in the process, our approach is to provide YOU with the tools, knowledge and confidence YOU need to make the right real estate decisions for YOU and YOUR family.

Our priority at Your Realty Group is to serve the needs of our clients. With an emphasis on integrity, we are committed to providing professional services unlike any other company or agents in the industry. We pride ourselves on our reputation for being trustworthy experts at what we do. The fact that over 80% of our business comes from referrals from past clients is a testament to our positive reputation. As is the fact that our clients themselves consistently come back to work with us over and over again.

We are prepared to work hard to make sure your needs are not only met, but that the result is more than you were hoping for. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing your success and being with you through major life changes.

 Our goal is to have long-term clients. Our hope is that you will contact us and let us be part of your next —and all future— real estate transactions.

All of our agents are committed to getting to know their clients on a personal level

This, along with our focus on accommodating each person’s individual taste, service needs and financial requirements, truly sets us apart.

We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in terms of market knowledge, trend forecasting and risk assessment. Advising our clients in an honest and timely way has helped Your Realty Group solidify our reputation for treating customers like family and handling every project as a partnership.